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  Born in Burgundy, France in 1969.

Regularly attracted by "figurative art", in all of its aspects, from the gigantique nature of Architecture to the more minute characteristics of Jewelry. Intrigued by trivial as well as refined techniques, and mystical as well as practical motivation. Volontary open to every kind of culture and sincerely fascinated by the result (with a very particular attention consecrated to the domaine of the arts of fire). It was at the age of twenty that I decided to give a more solid foundation to the simple passion that I had developped from my youth:

a vast amalgamation of my desire to master in several fields…

Five years of serious studies, then directly to an apprenticeship of daily painting to develop my personal skills, has allowed me to present to you the fruit of my work, the union of the elements which are constantly defining me and though heterogenious in subject, they symbolise the human diversity which creates an overall coherence which are but a reflection of my innermost character…

My little universe. 

Alexandre Houllier